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Grading System

My grading system is amazingly simple.

I grade the golf balls based on playability and visual inspection. The 5A golf balls will be as close to perfect as possible. There may be a slight pen mark on some 5a balls or a corporate logo on the golf ball. 5A Grade Mint condition may have corporate logos, may have small ink marks.

I grade the 4A golf balls based on playability and a visual inspection. The 4A are based on my opinion.

I play golf. I have a good idea of a golf ball that is still able to be played. If the ink mark is bigger than normal. The golf ball may have an abrasion or slight scuff. It may have a corporate logo or slight discoloration

Grade 5A

Grade Mint condition may have corporate logo’s May have small ink marks.

These balls are in extremely playable condition. There are no scuffs, no path marks, and only very minor player markings.

Grade 4A

Balls are in good condition
Balls may have abrasions or discoloration
Balls may have blemishes
Balls may have small player pen markings
Balls may contain team or corporate logos
Balls may have a cosmetic imperfection that will not alter the flight path, distance, or trajectory of the ball