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Lost your golf balls

We may of found them.

Stop looking in the bottom of your golf bag, the trunk of your car, or your wife’s purse. Check out the father and son team of Philip and Pierre Birtz. Two guys who have balls. We started retrieving balls in 1990. Pierre Birtz Ret. Navy seal was handed the Mask and snorkel from Bill Sutherland (Fat Rat)retired Navy Seal. Philip Birtz was amazed at the number of balls you could get in a couple of hours. Pierre and Philip used the extra money to take ski vacations to Breckenridge, Colorado.

We started selling balls on eBay and to local golf courses. We now have a website wegotgolfballs.com . We can ship golf balls to your front door. Check out the website or call 757 343 3729 our email address is
wegotgolfballs@gmail.com. We would like to dive into your lakes at your golf course.

We are a family-owned business, a father and son team. Pierre Birtz retired Navy Seal taught me, Philip Birtz, what I needed to know about diving for golf balls. We started off for fun and vacation money, but over the years, with hard work and providing outstanding service to our customers we were able to turn our hobby into a successful small business.

About Golf Divers

When most people think of professional divers, their minds travel to images of Jacques Cousteau. But such exotic scenes have nothing to do with the kind of diving golf ball divers do. For years, divers have plumbed the murky, polluted waters of golf courses, collecting thousands of the 2.5 billion balls golfers lose each year.

To some lost golf balls are little more than trash. But to a competitive group of ball retrieval companies(divers), it’s a business. Large golf ball resale companies buy balls from golf ball divers by the thousand and then clean and repackage them to be sold at discount stores. Smaller outfits, sell used balls on websites , and to the local golf courses, they will  resell them  in the course’s pro shop.